Founded in 1964, the University of Michigan’s Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD) is dedicated to the advancement of research on children’s behavior, development and health by fostering collaborations among biomedical, behavioral, and social scientists. With a rich history, a membership of diverse and outstanding faculty, and an array of programs and services, CHGD is well-poised to support this research.

CHGD Member Benefits

  • Core Services
    • Statistical Analysis Core that provides data analysis; consultation regarding study design, sample size and power calculations; and assistance with result interpretations and presentation of findings
    • Media Management and Behavioral Coding Core that provides efficient, cost effective and quality management of research media (audio and video) and the behavioral coding of these files
  • Workshops and Trainings
    • Workshops to advance new scientific methods
    • Research staff training and support
    • Seminars from invited speakers
  • Grantsmanship Support
    • Internal peer grant review program
    • Specialized editing services
    • R01 Boot Camp for grant development
  • Access to Specialized CHGD Research Facilities
    • Shared observational laboratories designed for data collection with parents and children
    • Limited research participant parking spaces
    • Video-coding facilities
    • Shared 12-station computing laboratory
    • 2 shared meeting rooms
    • Shared floating workspace for faculty
    • Shared floating workspace for students
  • Public Engagement
    • Rapid Response Talks that provide a review of research evidence relevant to current events
  • Communication
    • Newsletter with opportunities for funding, training, events, and other news
    • Promotion of CHGD member achievements via CHGD Twitter, website and other tools

CHGD Membership Eligibility

Membership to the CHGD is available to University of Michigan faculty who meet the following criteria:

  • Hold an active University of Michigan faculty appointment based at one of the three U-M campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint);
  • Are engaged in  research in in child behavior, development and/or health.

CHGD members maintain their academic appointments in their home department, not within CHGD. Sponsored research indirect costs are routed to home departments and research administration is managed by the members’ home department.

To be considered for membership, please fill out the application.