Center for Human Growth & Development
Seminar Series – Winter 2018 presents

Bilingualism and the Human Lifespan: Current investigations and insights into the bilingual experience

Did you know that more than 50% of the world’s population functions in 2 or more languages in their daily lives, and do so beginning in infancy? Studies of the bilingual experience across the human lifespan examine the cognitive and sociocultural processes that enable this universal capacity that is still not fully understood by scientists or educators. The purpose the CHGD Seminar Series is to present the latest research on bilingualism from a multidimensional perspective, exploring the nature of linguistic development and language use across the lifespan of bilingual speakers. We will include presentations from five distinguished scholars whose investigations involve bilingual language acquisition, the brain bases of bilingualism (neuroscience), bilingual literacy development and sociocultural aspects such as identity and family. These themes represent behavioral, developmental and health research interests within CHGD.

February 20, 2018

Oral Language Matters: Emergent Language & Literacy Practices for Dual Language Learner

Sharolyn D. Pollard-Durodola, PhD
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Professor English Language Learning Program, Department of Educational and Clinical Studies

March 20, 2018

How Language and Cognition Come Together in the Developing Bilingual Brain

Maria Arredondo, PhD
University of British Columbia, Infant Studies Centre

March 27, 2018

Neuroplasticity as a Function of Second Language Experience: Learning-Induced Brain Changes

Ping Li, PhD
Penn State University, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Center for Brain, Behavior, & Cognition

April 3, 2018

Developmental Language Disorders in Spanish and English: Patterns of Typical and Impaired Development in Bilingual Children

Lisa Bedore, PhD
University of Texas at Austin, Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders

April 17, 2018

Living in a Native Tongue

Boaz Keysar, PhD
University of Chicago, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology

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