Ongoing Impacts of the Flint Water Crisis

COR Session: May 24, 2018

Topic: “Community Crisis, Community Resilience: The Context, Child Health Outcomes, and Ongoing Impacts of the Flint Water Crisis”

Lauren O’Connell, MD, Pediatrician
Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan, 
Specialty:  Pediatric Development and Behavior

The objectives of this COR session are to outline the context and timeline of the Flint Water Crisis, to explore the impact of lead on child health, especially development and behavior outcomes, to discuss the response of the Flint community, and to update participants on ongoing efforts and findings.

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Dr. Lauren O’Connell is a life-long Michigander. She works as a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and pediatric health services researcher at Hurley Children’s Hospital and Michigan State University. Her research focuses on assessing and promoting effective parenting behaviors within the medical home, empowering parents to strengthen the parent-child relationship and bolster child outcomes.