Developmental Language Disorders in Spanish and English

Developmental Language Disorders in Spanish and English: Patterns of Typical and Impaired Development in Bilingual Children

Lisa Bedore, PhD
University of Texas at Austin
Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Much of the work on bilingual language development and disorders focuses on the learner’s first or second language but does not consider the profile in both languages. Because of divided input, performance in the bilingual’s two languages does not appear to be fully independent. Thus, understanding the relationship between the acquisition of the two languages informs our expectations about language acquisition and profiles of language impairment. In this talk I will report on the extent to which language experiences predict outcomes in each of the child’s languages between the ages of 4 and 9 years. Then, I will describe the dual language profiles of English Spanish speakers with and without language impairment in the same age range. Finally. I will consider how the markers of developmental language disorders that emerge from this work can be used to reliably identify language impairment in bilingual children.

HABLA Lab at UT Austin

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