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Observational Laboratories

The Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD) has three rooms designed to observe children of all ages and their families. Each room is equipped with one-way mirrors and digital video cameras placed strategically around the room that can be controlled by remote control from a dedicated observation media room. A fourth observation room, with a one-way mirror, but without cameras, is also available. All rooms have networking and electrical connections, as well as sound-attenuation and electrical shielding, as appropriate.

The observation laboratories are:

  1. 1069SE (220 sqft) / 1071SE (Media Room) – Hard Drive ** or VHS recording available
  2. 1073SE (Media Room)/ 1075SE (224 sqft) – Hard Drive ** or VHS recording available
  3. 1077SE (477 sqft) / 1081SE (Media Room) – Record to computer
  4. 1081SE / 1083SE (122 sqft) – Observation only, no cameras

The observational laboratories share a 285 sqft waiting room (1050NE) that includes a private restroom and changing station. The waiting room includes toys, books and magazines for children and their parents. CHGD has a selection of furniture (chairs, sofas, tables, etc.) that may be used to customize rooms to meet individual project needs. CHGD also has a small inventory of toys and books that researchers may use.

Parking for research subjects is available on the sixth floor of the Glen Street parking structure and may be accessed from the Catherine Street entrance. Information regarding parking passes and procedures for their use is provided to researchers.

CHGD Observation Request Room Use Request Form

For additional information, please contact CHGD Department Administrator Beth Hill at bethhill@umich.edu or (734) 764-2443.


** The new recording device can store the videos in .MOV and .AVI formats. At the end of each session, Researcher MUST download the recorded videos to an outside media (laptop, or through a computer upload contents to remote storage locations)