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Apply for Lab Approval

CHGD faculty and affiliates have access to the EEG/ERP lab facilities for their research. Students and postdocs must have sponsorship by at CHGD faculty member. And they must have had training in ERP methods.

IRB Approval
IRB approval is required prior to using the lab. Please begin filling out an IRB protocol in order to get EEG/ERP use approved for your study.

Sample IRB Approved Adult Consent Form
Sample IRB Application of an Approved Study

Current CHGD members with expertise in EEG/ERP research are Henry Wellman, Twila Tardiff, Betsy Lozoff and their associated postdocs and students. All others must receive approval from the EEG users group. If interested first email Henry Wellman at hmw@umich.edu.

Once approved, EEG research time must be scheduled within the EEG calendar. Only authorized users may schedule times.

Once your proposal has been approved by the EEG/ERP lab, you will be contacted by the CHGD Business Office requesting additional information for billing purposes.