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Electrophysiological Laboratory
CHGD is equipped with an electrophysiological laboratory, using human event-related brain potential (ERP) methodology with electroencephalogram (EEG) data, to study neural correlates of cognition in children and adults. The three-room laboratory is equipped with a 128-channel Geodesic EEG/ERP System (from Electrical Geodesics Inc., EGI), along with Macintosh and PC computers (and all relevant software) needed to present stimuli, record and analyze ERP data. The current scope of this facility, which consists of 6 research areas, accommodates multiple developmental neuroscientists. The current system was purchased in 2010 and includes “classic” as well as contemporary hydro-cell nets each with 128 electrodes. Nets are available at all sizes from infant to adult.

Analysis software includes Net Station (currently Net Station 4.5) as is standard for analyzing EGI geodesic EEG data (see wwwEGI.com).

This facility has been used in various completed and ongoing ERP studies with infants, preschoolers, older children and adults. A community of ERP researchers exists at CHGD to facilitate research and research training. In addition to the electrophysiological lab there is eye-tracking research equipment that can be utilized for both ERP and eye-tracking methodology and a research area equipped with a motion analysis laboratory (using Optotrack motion analysis) for Kinesiology studies.

EGI Equipment
For more information about the equipment used in CHGD’s laboratory see EGI.com.

Reception Room
Room 1050NE serves as a reception room for participants and their families. This reception room includes a private restroom with an infant changing station. This room is open to all researchers conducting studies at the Center for Human Growth and Development.

Observational Laboratories
Rooms 1069SE, 1075SE, and 1077SE may be reserved if more extensive observational or behavioral studies are required for your project.