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Apply for Lab Approval

Proposal for Lab Access:

Please develop a 2-page proposal including:

1) A brief abstract detailing the study question, hypothesis, method and prediction.

2) A brief introduction stating the nature of the question and any previous neuroimaging studies.

3) Hypotheses and Predictions:

• Neuroanatomical predictions for human brain imaging studies. Please clearly state the brain regions of interest (ROIs). Your neuroanatomical predictions must be justified (cite at least 3 prior imaging studies), and you should aim to include only the regions that can be measured with fNIRS (within 3 cm distance of the surface).
• For non-brain/non-human studies, please specify predictions that are specific to your study.

4) Detailed method. Please include details of your experimental design, stimuli, participant groups etc. We welcome Figures/Attachments with schematic representations of your design, as well as neuroanatomical hypotheses/probe configuration.

5) Use 12-point, Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins

Please send this proposal to fNIRS-lab@umich.edu

IRB Approval:

The TechEN fNIRS system has been approved for use on humans by the IRB (tag number 357899).

Please begin filling out an IRB protocol in order to get fNIRS use approved for your study.

IRB Approved Adult Consent Form
Excerpts from IRB Application of an Approved Study

After your study has been approved, please complete our: New User questionnaire

Proposal for External Funding

Researchers or administrators submitting a proposal for federal or non-federal funding of scanning hours at our facility should include the following information on their Proposal Approval Form (PAF) and add Kathy Devereux (ilyman@umich.edu) and Sheba Shakir (dhebas@umich.edu ) to the Administrative Personnel:

1) Attach a detailed budget and justification to the “Proposal Documents” section of the PAF

• Please consult fNIRS laboratory to discuss fNIRS lab-related expenses, purchase of optical fibers, purchase of fNIRS caps, and cost-sharing of annual system maintenance and technical support staff, such as fNIRS laboratory manager and IT support

• Inflate the current estimated fNIRS costs by 3% per year in subsequent years

2) Include a subaccount for system maintenance and any fNIRS laboratory personnel in the PAF’s Budgets Section 3.15 “Anticipated Subproject/Grant Details” (Dept. ID 551000).

• In the notes section of sub-account, include the number of scan hours proposed per year

3) Include the appropriate space you will use at our facility in the PAF’s Space Section 4.2 “General Space” (Use Dept. ID 551000 in your search):

• 1050NE 300 N INGALLS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Reception room
• 1069SE 300 N INGALLS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Observational lab (available for pre- or post-testing activities)
• 1075SE 300 N INGALLS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Observational lab (available for pre- or post-testing activities)
• 1078SE 300 N INGALLS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Data analysis room
• 1080SE 300 N INGALLS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Testing room
• 1082SE 300 N INGALSS BUILDING (300 NIB) – Shared office space

4) Include our facility/resources and equipment document in your proposal submission.

Please contact chgd-grants@umich.edu , if you have questions about the fNIRS portion of your proposal.


Once your proposal has been approved by the fNIRS lab, you will be contacted by the CHGD Business Office requesting additional information for billing purposes.