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fNIRS Workshop Agenda

Shining Light on Child Brain Development
April 10-11, 2017

Center for Human Growth and Development
University of Michigan
300 North Ingalls, 10th floor, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109


(necessary for hands-on events only)

Monday April 10

9:00 am Welcome Address
Dr. Brenda Volling, Director, CHGD, University of Michigan
9:15 am Introduction to fNIRS Neuroimaging at CHGD
Dr. Ioulia Kovelman, co-director of fNIRS Laboratory, CHGD University of Michigan
9:45 am Break
10:00 am Workshop Hands-on: Data Acquisition and Anatomical Localization
Dr. Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu and fNIRS laboratory at CHGD, University of Michigan
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm CHGD Research: Open House
1:30 pm New Directions in the Study of Higher Cognition and Emotion in Infant Learning: A Novel Lens from Combined fNIRS Neural and Thermal IR Imaging.  Barbara Manini, Adam Stone, Arcangelo Merla, Laura-Ann Petitto, Gallaudet University
1:50 pm Workshop Hands-on: Data Preprocessing & Subject-level Analysis
Dr. Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu and fNIRS laboratory at CHGD, University of Michigan
3:15 pm Break
3:30 pm Innovations in Developmental Science through fNIRS Neuroimaging

Presentations by Workshop Organizers and Participants

  • Bayesian Semi-Parametric Modeling of Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy Data. Timothy Johnson, Marco Benedetti, Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu, Ioulia Kovelman, University of Michigan
  • Neural Substrates of Social Cognition Examined During Gaze-Following in Infants. Renée Lajiness-O’Neill, Ketrin Lengu, Tristin Nyman, Silvia Bisconti, Neelima Wagley, Annette E. Richard, Ana-Mercedes Flores, Casey Swick, Tiffany Andersen, Katherine Rosenblum, Elise K. Hodges, Ioulia Kovelman, Eastern Michigan University
  • Understanding First Steps in Infant Language Acquisition through the Study of Neural Response to High and Low Frequency Phonotactics. Neelima Wagley, Renée Lajiness-O’Neill, Silvia Bisconti, Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu, Anne-Michelle Tessier, Ioulia Kovelman, University of Michigan
  • Increased Connectivity of Auditory Cortex in Human Tinnitus, Juan San Juan, Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu, Gregory Basura, Univeristy of Michigan
  • Examining Teenage Drivers’ Risk-Taking Behaviors using fNIRS and Driving Simulation.  Anuj Pradhan, Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu, Lisa Buckley, University of Michigan
5:00 pm Adjourn

Tuesday April 11

8:45 am Introduction to Neuroimaging at the University of Michigan
Dr. Scott Peltier, fMRI laboratory, University of Michigan
9:00 am Innovations in Methodological and Analytical Approach with fNIRS, Introduction to fNIRS Toolbox
Dr. Theodore Huppert, University of Pittsburgh
10:00 am Workshop Hands-on: Group-level Analysis
Dr. Xiao-Su (Frank) Hu and fNIRS laboratory at CHGD, University of Michigan
11:15 am Clinical Application of fNIRS
Dr. Alexandre DaSilva, co-director of fNIRS laboratory University of Michigan
12:00 pm Lunch
12:00 pm Using fNIRS to Shine Light on the Role of Experience in Infant Perceptual Development
Dr. Lauren Emberson, Princeton University
1:30 pm Closing Address: fNIRS and Future of New Technologies in Neuroscience.
Dr. Brian Fowlkes, University of Michigan