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Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core Faculty Lead
Dr. Alison Miller
Developmental Psychologist
Associate Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education
School of Public Health

Dr. Miller’s research focuses on child bio-behavioral regulation, family functioning, and social context.  She studies basic developmental processes, including self-regulation of emotions, sleep, eating behavior, and neuroendocrine stress responses in young children. She is an expert in the assessment of parent and child behavior using observational methods, and has used observational coding in her research, across a range of topics, for over two decades.  

Dr. Miller’s faculty page

Core Manager
Alice Guo

Ms. Guo is experienced in coding child and infant behavior, as well as parent-child interactions. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2016 with a degree in Psychology, and her research interests include child and adolescent development.


Observed Child Behaviors

Observed parent-child interaction and parenting behavior

Interviews / transcriptions and narrative coding