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Peer Grant Review Program

The Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD) offers a free internal Peer Grant Review Program designed to support faculty success in obtaining extramural funding for research related to child and adolescent health, behavior and/or development.

Program Goals

  1. Increase the funding rate for extramural grant applications, particularly those to NIH and other federal funders.
  2. Reduce the number of NIH applications that are “not discussed”.
  3. Provide the faculty more insight into the research programs of their peers and build opportunities for collaboration.
  4. Strengthen grant writing skills of all faculty investigators. The definition of a well-written NIH grant may shift slightly over time with  changes in format, and staying involved in the review process may be important to staying up to date on subtle changes in emphasis.
  5. Improve the skills of mid-career and senior faculty in mentoring junior faculty and fellows in grant writing, and in particular, in overseeing K award applications.
  6. Provide faculty members with experience as peer reviewers.


The CHGD Peer Grant Review Program is open to all faculty who are CHGD members.

The CHGD Peer Grant Review Program runs year-round as follows:

  1. Investigator completes the program submission form AT LEAST 4 weeks before the reviews are needed.
  2. CHGD will identify two anonymous University of Michigan reviewers per application who are willing to provide a quality NIH-style review within 2 weeks of receiving the grant.
  3. Investigator submits their grant for review to chgd-grantreview@umich.edu AT LEAST 2 weeks before the reviews are needed.
  4. CHGD will send the grant to the reviewers to provide their anonymous feedback within 2 weeks using the standard NIH Review Template.
  5. Reviewers will return their anonymous reviews to CHGD.
  6. CHGD will send the anonymous reviews to the investigator.
  7. CHGD will compensate the reviewers.

Seeking more information? Review the FAQs for the Peer Grant Review Program.