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Do I need to apply to have my grant considered for review?
At this time, there is no application process required for this program. If you are a CHGD member interested in taking advantage of this service, simply fill out this form AT LEAST 4 weeks before the reviews are needed.

Why are the reviews anonymous?
The reviews are anonymous so that the most honest feedback is provided. It is this feedback that will likely be the most beneficial to the investigator.

Who will serve as peer reviewers?
Internal peer reviewers will include investigators who have experience serving on a federal or national study section and/or who have a history of R01-level funding. At least one reviewer will provide reasonable content-level input at close to the level of content expertise matching that which might be seen in an extramural study section.

Is this program the same as using a grant editor?
No, this program is not the same as professional editing services. The reviews from this program will focus on grantsmanship, rather than scientific, review.

How many times can a CHGD member submit a grant for internal peer review?
At this time, CHGD members can submit as many grants as they wish for internal peer review.

Can I participate in this program if I am a CHGD member but the grant that I would like to review is not focused on child behavior, health and/or development?
All grants that benefit from this internal peer review program must be relevant to the mission of CHGD by having a focus on child behavior, development, and/or health.