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Research Staffing Referral Network FAQs

What  is the CHGD Research Staffing Referral Network?
CHGD has added a new service designed to help connect the CHGD faculty community to available research staffing resources. The network allows for faculty and their designated staff to recommend top-performing staff for eligible positions within the CHGD research community. The network is also designed to assist members who are seeking highly-recommended research staff by connecting them with available staffing resources.

How does the service work?

  1. A faculty member or their designated staff member submits the form and specifies the request to either recommend research staff or to request assistance with finding available research staffing resources. For the purpose of recommending available research staff, only information related to the skill set should be disclosed. Personal information that would deem the candidate identifiable should not be disclosed.
  2. CHGD staff members review the request and determine whether there is a potential match in the system. A response will be sent within 3 business days notifying the faculty and designated staff of the outcome of the review. In the event there is a match in the system, CHGD will connect both faculty members and/or designated staff regarding potential pooling of research staffing resources. The faculty members will decide whether or not they want to proceed and, if so, will then work with their staff and units’ HR representatives regarding staffing appointment changes as needed. If a potential match is not available in the system, CHGD will consider future incoming resources in an effort to make a match.

Who can use this service?
The service is available to all CHGD faculty members.

Who should fill out the form?
The form should be filled out by a faculty member or their designated staff on behalf of the faculty member’s research group. A faculty member will need to be identified in connection with any position that is addressed on the form.

I am a staff member who would like to find a new position in a different research group than where I am currently working. Should I fill out the form to help find a new position?
No. This form will be used to help make potential matches regarding research staffing needs and available resources, but it is not meant to facilitate staff transitions from one research group to another without the affiliated faculty knowing about it. Faculty supervisors using this service will be informed, and must approve of, any potential staffing transitions to and from their groups. 

Do I need to provide a resume for the referral submission?
No. The only information required during the submission is the detail relevant to the position. The submission form includes questions about function-specific areas in which the candidate may be interested and why the candidate may be a great fit. Candidate names are not asked for and should not be disclosed on the form.

Should the same form be used for both submitting a referral and seeking a referral?
Yes. Fill out the form for either request and the CHGD administrative staff will review and be in contact within 3 business days.

Is this network affiliated with the University’s application submission process?
No. This service is independent from University Human Resources and maintained by CHGD.

If I have questions about the network, who can I contact?Please email chgd-info@umich.edu with any questions.

Will CHGD be involved in modifying appointments?
No. CHGD is simply connecting CHGD members who have identified research staffing needs to those with available resources. Once a “match” has been made, it will be the responsibility of the members’ units to coordinate any appointment changes. 

Will CHGD create a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between my unit and another faculty member’s unit to share the funding of a staff member?
No. CHGD is simply serving as the “matchmaker” for Center members regarding identified research staffing needs and available resources. Once a “match” has been made, it will be the responsibility of the members’ units to coordinate any agreements or staffing arrangements.

Does CHGD screen the individuals who are recommended through the CHGD Research Staffing Referral Network form?No. CHGD is simply serving as the “matchmaker” for Center members regarding identified research staffing needs and available resources. If CHGD learns that an individual is highly recommended by a faculty member and that his/her skill set matches what another faculty member is seeking, then the faculty members will be connected regarding the potential opportunity. This does not constitute an endorsement of the individual by CHGD and the unit will make the final determination regarding eligibility after the candidate applies and the application has been reviewed.