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Specialized Editing Services

“I really appreciated all this work and I know the manuscript improved…it is so useful to have this service.”

– Editing Services User

The Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD) offers free, limited specialized editing services for CHGD members, their graduate students and trainees.

The CHGD editor will improve the readability and flow of written materials by reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of style. Track changes and comments addressing awkward sentence structure, wordiness, unclear text and other red flags that may detract from the substance of the material will be provided. The CHGD editor will not edit scientific content of the materials. Final content is the responsibility of the user.

This service is particularly suited for manuscripts and posters.

For formatting and figure assistance, please use the CHGD Supplemental Support Service.

For grant editing needs, we recommend using the MICHR Grant Editing service.

How to get started
Simply complete the CHGD Editing Services Intake Form AT LEAST 10 business days before your edited materials are needed.

Who can use this service?
This service is open to CHGD members and their trainees.

How often can I use this service?
Each CHGD member is eligible for up to 4 hours of editing services per calendar year for themselves and/or their trainees. Additional hours are available as a fee for service.

What is the timeline for submitting and receiving edited documents?
Projects submitted to this service are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Ten business days are required from the scheduled start date for the editing process.

For questions, please contact chgd-editing@umich.edu