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How much do the Statistical Analysis Core services cost?
The cost of the service will depend on complexity of the analysis, the readiness of the data for analysis, and the level of expertise needed to complete the project.

What does the free initial consultation include?
The free initial 1 hour consultation will include a meeting between the Project Team (PI and PI’s project manager, if available) and the Statistical Analysis Core team (Core Manager, Faculty Lead, and CHGD Assistant Director). At this meeting, the Statistical Analysis Core and Project Teams will discuss the project and anticipated needs. The Statistical Analysis Core Team can also answer related questions about the project at this time.

What happens after the free consultation?
After the consultation, the Statistical Analysis Core Team will submit a Statement of Work (SOW) that includes a cost estimate to the PI. If approved, the SOW will be signed and the project can begin.

Can I get training from the CHGD Statistical Analysis Core if I am a post-doctoral fellow, a graduate student or an undergraduate student?
Training from the Faculty Lead is available for a fee. In addition, occasional training workshops are offered.

Can I use the CHGD Statistical Analysis Core if I am not a CHGD member?
It’s easy to become a CHGD member and new applications are always welcome! To find out more, please visit http://chgd.umich.edu/about/membership/

Can I use the CHGD Statistical Analysis Core if I am a CHGD member, but I would like to utilize the services for a project that is not related to child behavior, health or development?
This depends on the project and the expertise that would be required to complete it. Please submit an inquiry to chgd-stats@umich.edu so the Statistical Analysis Core Team can determine if your needs can be met.