Katherine Rosenblum, Ph.D.

Our research interest with fathers centers particularly around the experience of fathering as a military service member or veteran, especially with respect to the often numerous separations from their children that occur as part of their service. These separations can cause disruption in a father’s relationship with his child(ren), and these challenges can more intensely arise upon the reintegration process that happens after a prolonged separation (i.e. deployment, training). Strong Military Families is a program we developed to support fathers and their spouses through this process, and to give them the skills and tools they need to rebuild a secure relationship with their child(ren); preliminary outcomes of our rigorous evaluations have shown positive success in helping fathers and their spouses feel confident in their experience of parenting as a military parent.

Fathering after military deployment: parenting challenges and goals of fathers of young children

Strong, safe, and secure: negotiating early fathering and military service across the deployment cycle