Maria Muzik, M.D.

 Development and Implementation of a Fathering Program in Detroit, MI.

We are utilizing focus groups and interview methodology to elicit information on needs, barriers, and facilitators to program development, implementation and uptake of a fatherhood program in Detroit MI. Data collected from key stakeholders including Medicaid eligible fathers and their family members who reside in Wayne County, service providers, community leaders, program developers and researchers in this field will be used to develop a father specific parenting intervention. Participants will be recruited from the community including referrals from our Community Steering Committee partners. To ensure focus groups and interviews are conducted in a culturally sensitive manner, a community steering committee was created and is utilized to better inform practices. The steering committee is comprised of Wayne County Fatherhood Initiative partners and includes members from The Children’s Center, Starfish Family Services, Wayne County Head Start and the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.  Interviews were conducted with members of the community steering committee to explore barriers and facilitators to father involvement. Topics included barriers and facilitators to participation in fatherhood programs, necessary environment and activities for father participation and  elements of a community-based approach. Focus groups and individual interviews with fathers are planned for the summer of 2015. This project is in collaboration with Wayne State University, Dr. Carolyn Dayton, PhD.