MHIRT Sending 25 Students abroad for Research Training

2015 Summer Internship Awards

MHIRT-Shadow-finalThe MHIRT program at the Center for Human Growth and Development is pleased to announce the 2015 Internship awardees. This summer, the program will send 25 graduate and undergraduate students abroad to participate in research programs that provide training and mentoring on problems that disproportionately affect children in developing countries on issues such as children’s physical health, education, or health policy.

Jerry Graham, Undergraduate; Microbiology/Spanish
Raven Shaquoria Odom, Undergraduate; Spanish/Pre-Med
Mayra Rivas-Rocha, Graduate; Public Health-Health Behavior and Health Education
Natalie Marie Rodriguez, Undergraduate; Anthropology
Jessica Cristina, Uruchima Undergraduate; Undeclared
Kamaria Washington, Undergraduate; Movement Science/Spanish
Jhordan Wynne, Graduate; Public Health-Health Behavior and Health Education

Olubisi Ajetunmobi, Undergraduate; Intl. Studies-Global Health and Environment
Jainabou Barry Undergraduate; Industrial and Operations Engineering
Duna Buttner, Undergraduate; Pre-Med
Lewis Graham, Undergraduate; Biomolecular Science
Lello Guluma, Undergraduate; Program in the Environment-Earth/Environmental Sciences
Kristin Harden, Graduate; Public Health-Health Behavior and Health Education
Jayla Johnson, Undergraduate; Intl. Studies-Intl. Security, Norms, Cooperation
Austin Novarra, Undergraduate; Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
Ayotomiwa Ojo, Undergraduate; International Studies-Global Health and Environment

Marlisa Granderson, Undergraduate; Nursing
Jallicia Jolly, Graduate; American Culture

Kepriah Davis, Undergraduate; Psychology
Amaal Haimout, Graduate; Public Health-Health Behavior and Health Education

Ebony Williams, Undergraduate; Creative Writing/Cellular and Molecular Biology
Aurora Turek, Undergraduate; Psychology

Amalia Elvira Gomez-Rexrode, Undergraduate; Cellular and Molecular Biology/Political Science
Katerina Chekhovskiy, Undergraduate; Biomolecular Science/French/Ukrainian Language Literature and Culture
Angelica Simmons, Graduate; MD Candidate/Biological Sciences