Alison Miller, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Health Behavior & Health Education
  • School of Public Health
    Department of Health Behavior and Health Education


Dr. Alison Miller is a developmental psychologist who studies child bio-behavioral regulation, family processes, and social-contextual factors in relation to child health and mental health outcomes.

Dr. Miller’s research focuses on basic developmental processes and early health behaviors, including self-regulation of emotion, sleep, eating behavior, and neuroendocrine stress responses in young children.  Obesity is a complex condition influenced by these biological, psychological, behavioral and social-contextual factors, many of which can be established and identified early in the lifespan, and much of Dr. Miller’s work has focused on examining these factors among children who are living in poverty and at risk for obesity early in life, in a series of studies.

An overarching goal of Dr. Miller’s work is to apply findings from developmental science to foster positive child health and mental health outcomes. She works with children and families who are at risk for unhealthy outcomes for various reasons, including living with maternal incarceration; in poverty; or in high-violence neighborhoods. For many such projects, she collaborates with community partners ranging from grassroots community-based organizations, to Head Start programs, to school systems.

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