Anuj Pradhan, M.S., Ph.D.

  • Assistant Research Scientist, U-M Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)
  • College of Engineering
    Transportation Research Institute



Dr. Pradhan is interested in the etiology of injuries and fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes from a human factors and behavioral standpoint. His research covers driver behavior and traffic safety with a focus on young and novice drivers. Dr. Pradhan’s current focus is on a structured, multidimensional approach to attain a deeper understanding of various novice-driver behaviors and risk factors, using experimentation techniques with driving simulation, eye tracking, neuroimaging, and naturalistic datasets. He is also interested in studying and understanding driving behavior, particularly for novice drivers, by studying particular and unique subgroups of the driving population such as high-risk drivers, non-neurotypical drivers, and drivers with medical conditions or under the influence of prescription medication. He is also focused on the human factors issues associated with automated vehicles and is currently leading an initiative to develop in-house automated-vehicle simulation capabilities that can help answer fundamental questions about automation and the human driver.

Department Profile

UMTRI Driving Simulator

Young Driver Behavior and Injury Prevention Group