Cin Cin Tan, Ph.D.

  • Research Investigator, CHGD
  • Lecturer, Psychology, Eastern Michigan University
  • 1031NW, North Ingalls Building



Dr. Cin Cin Tan is currently an instructor at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Tan’s research crosses developmental, social, and health psychology in order to understand factors that relate to the development of healthy eating behaviors and attitudes about weight. Her primary objectives are to determine the role of parents in helping children to develop healthy eating behaviors and accept individuals with various body sizes. Her first line of research focuses on the development of healthy eating behaviors in children and links with parents’ feeding behaviors; with an interest in children’s ability to self-regulate food intake based on internal cues of hunger and satiety, as well as the role of emotions in children’s eating behaviors (i.e., emotional eating).

Dr. Tan collaborates with CHGD faculty members Julie Lumeng and Alison Miller to examine the development of healthy eating behaviors in children. Her second line of research focuses on attitudes about weight in children and adults. Specifically, the associations between parents’ and children’s weight prejudice and other factors related to this prejudice, such as beliefs about the controllability of weight.