E. Margaret Evans, Ph.D.

  • Research Scientist, CHGD
  • Lecturer II, Department of Psychology, College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts
  • 1037EC North Ingalls Building
    300 N. Ingalls
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5406



Dr. Evans’ research interests focuses on children’s causal intuitions provide the foundation for their understanding of the major domains of inquiry they encounter in and out of school. How such intuitions are transformed over the elementary school years and into adulthood is the focus of my research. I have examined this sort of conceptual change in terms of a) the emergence of intuitive causal explanations or theories, and b) the influence of diverse contexts, such as: belief system (e.g., religious belief), culture (Asian, Western), and formal and informal learning experiences, in schools, undergraduate courses, and, in particular, museums.  In the Department of Psychology, she teaches Psych 351, Advanced Laboratory in Developmental Psychology.

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