Kate D. Fitzgerald, M.D.

  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Primary Appointment:
    Medical School
    Department of Psychiatry



Dr. Fitzgerald is interested in a number of clinical and research areas, but is most passionate about pediatric anxiety, including obsessive compulsive disorder.  Her current research involves using fMRI, EEG, and behavioral assessments to look for possible neurological biomarkers of anxiety disorders.  These markers will be used as neural targets for research into novel, mechanism-based treatments.

She is also involved in research focusing on the dissemination of currently available treatment interventions for these conditions.  Towards this end, she is working on a school-based program to provide treatment to children suffering from anxiety and depression in our community. This work aims to facilitate the development, improvement and dissemination of treatments for childhood anxiety.

Pediatric Anxiety and Tic Disorders Program

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