Paul R. Kileny, Ph.D., FAAA, FASHA, BCS-IOM

  • Professor of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
  • Academic Program Director, Audiology and Electrophysiology
  • 1025NW North Ingalls Building
    300 N. Ingalls



Dr. Kileny has extensive experience and interest in the relationship between  auditory and speech-language development in infants and children and neurophysiologic events, including middle-latency and cognitive auditory evoked potentials. He developed one of the first auditory brainstem-response-based newborn hearing screening in North America, prior to joining the University of Michigan. His early work led him to develop new neurodiagnostic techniques for infants and children with cochlear implants, and conducted one of the first event-related potential studies in children with cochlear implants that demonstrated the relationship between p300 amplitude and latency and auditory perception.

He recently developed a technique based on ABR that  can be used to provide information on auditory temporal processing at a very young age.This technique has been implemented in the study of infants with iron deficiency, in collaboration with CHGD members, Betsy Lozoff and Twila Tardiff.

More recently, Dr. Kileny became involved in fNIRS brain imaging studies involving patients with cochlear implants, and patients with tinnitus, in collaboration with CHGD member Ioulia Kovelman, and CHGD faculty associate Gregory Basura.

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