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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to turn things in before the due date?
As a benefit of working at the University of Michigan you have access to knowledgeable professionals to help make your submission the best it can be! We are here to keep track of the changing rules issued by sponsors, as well as the changing rules internal to U-M. Your home department may have different requirements than CHGD, so we often have to determine the course of action that satisfies several units and departments, the university, and the sponsor – this kind of negotiation takes time!

What is PEERRS?
Program for the Education and Evaluation of Responsible Research and Scholarship. This is the University’s training program created to comply with state and federal regulations regarding responsible conduct of research. All personnel working on research at U-M are required to complete PEERRS training.

What is ORSP?
U-M Office for Research and Sponsored Projects. Formerly DRDA. ORSP reviews and approves all grant and contract proposals before they may be submitted to a sponsor.

How do I submit a grant through CHGD?
Contact for assistance. In your communication, include as much information as you have, such as a sponsor name, due date, submission number, or URL. Please contact us at least six (6) weeks prior to the sponsor’s due date.

Who will assist me in submitting a grant?
A research administrator from the CHGD Grants Administration group is assigned to each individual submission.

What do I do when I get an award?
If a sponsor has notified you that you are receiving an award, please forward all communication to so that we are better able to assist you.

I am expecting an award, what do I do next?
Contact our office immediately, We can then work with ORSP on any negotiations that may arise as well as track the award’s progress. Make sure your PEERRS and M-Inform certifications are up to date.

Who is U-M’s Institutional Approver/Signer?
The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP). Neither faculty nor department/unit heads are considered Institutional Approvers, and therefore, they may not sign on behalf of the University of Michigan. Contact our office immediately if you require Institutional Approval.

Why is my grant in the name of the University of Michigan?
All grants hosted by the university are made to the Regents of the University of Michigan.

When can I start spending my award?
You may start incurring expenses as soon as the sponsor sends the official award notification and/or funds to the university and U-M Financial Operations assigns your funds the required identifiers in the internal accounting system. This process takes four (4) to eight (8) business days. The university manages more than $1 billion each year in research monies. If you are experiencing a delay, double-check the status of your PEERRS or M-Inform certification.

Why am I asked to certify my effort?
You are certifying that the effort of your appointment and your funded salary for federal or non-federal research, departmental appointments, and possible administrative duties reflects the actual work you performed over the past 12-month period. Note that you are verifying the average time over a 12-month period (not each individual month). This is a federal requirement.

What is summer salary?
If you have a 9-month, or academic year, appointment, you may be eligible for summer salary. Summer salary is funding beyond your base salary to support additional work, usually on a research project, during the months June – August.

I am expecting an award but I have yet to receive notification, what are my options?
Your award may be eligible for a Hardship. There are specific requirements and conditions for a Hardship, please contact to see if you qualify.

How can I request Supplemental funding?
Supplemental funding is available from both internal and external sources. The grants team is happy to help you determine your best option.

What do I do when I add or remove an investigator on my grant?
The best time to make this kind of change is at the yearly progress report. If your progress report is too far away, we must request approval directly from the sponsor. You will need to write a memo explaining who is joining or leaving the team, why, and how you will be dealing with the resulting budget change. The grants team will help you determine how your project budget is affected by the change, and help you in gathering the required paperwork (such as Biosketch and/or Other Support).

If you have a questions concerning your grant, pleases contact the Grants Administration Team.