Global Child Health & Development

CHGD researchers and their students are widely engaged in global research pertinent to children’s health, and finding solutions to the health disparities that exist throughout the world. Center researchers team with both UM and international collaborators in many countries to address global health problems covering nutritional deficits, exposures to environmental toxins, adequacy of maternal and women’s health services, and nutrition and infectious disease. CHGD houses the Minority Health & Health Disparities International Research and Training (MHIRT) program funded by the National Institute of Health. MHIRT provides summer support each year for up to 20 under-represented minority students to conduct biomedical and behavioral research for a period of 12 weeks in three cultural regions of the world (Africa, South America and Asia). Through dedicated faculty mentoring and research training, the MHIRT program enables students to make a difference in the world, helps students build careers in biomedical and behavioral research, and become the next generation of leaders in global health. We are interested in expanding resources in this area to support international students and faculty as visiting scholars to CHGD.

CHGD Researchers in Global Child Health and Development:
Margaret Evans, Betsy Lozoff, Sheryl Olson, Anne Petersen