Volunteer For A Study

List of active projects:

Brain Imaging: Development of Functional Motor Control
Faculty: Beverly Ulrich

We are looking for typically developing infants 5 to 13 months old. We are interested in the changes in brain activity as infants develop new motor skills, such as reaching for a toy or stepping/walking. We use functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), an infant-friendly and non-invasive neuroimaging technique, that allows us to monitor changes in blood flow of the brain as infants perform reaching or stepping while supported over a treadmill.

To participate or learn more about our lab, please email: or call us at: 734-615-1494

Brain Imaging and Driving simulation (aka Driving Study)
Faculty: Dr. Anuj K. Pradhan and Dr Lisa Buckley

In this study, we are interested in looking at physiological responses while driving.

We are looking for two groups of participants. In one group, we are looking for male teen drivers (age 16-18) who have had a level 2 intermediate license for at least 4 months and no longer than 9 months. In another group, we are looking for male adult drivers (age 25-35) who have had their full license for at least a year.

Participants will attend one appointment lasting 1.5 hours at the lab, where they will operate a driving simulator while connected to fNIRS (brain activity monitoring) equipment. Participants will also complete a short computer task and some brief surveys.

To participate or learn more, please email: or call us at: 877-615-6124

Baby Language

Are you interested in how your baby learns to talk? So are we! We are looking for infants ages 8-10 months. We invite all infants, including infants with family history of Autism. There is one visit to our laboratory, during this visit your baby will listen to sounds and watch cartoons.You will be paid for your time.

To participate or to learn more about our lab, please email: or call us at: 734-487-2379.

Impact of Behavioral Feeding Intervention on Parent-Child Attachment in Young Children (also known as “Feeding Study”)
Faculty: Dr. Amy Drayton

This study seeks to determines whether behavioral feeding treatment impacts mother-child relationships in infants and toddlers with feeding problems.

To participate or to learn more about our lab, please email: or call us at: 734-232-0031.

Infant Cognition Project
Faculty: Henry Wellman

At the Infant Cognition Project, we look closely at how infants and preschool aged children think about and understand the world around them. Specifically, we are interested in infants and young children’s understanding of the social world and behavior of other people.

To participate or learn more about our lab, please see or e-mail

Language and Literacy Laboratory
Faculty: Ioulia Kovelman

We study how children learn to speak, read, and count. Our studies include infants, children and adults learning to speak in one language, as well as bilinguals and individuals with developmental impairments of language and literacy.

To participate or learn more about our lab, please e-mail: or call us at: (734) 615-6413.

Second Language Word Learning Project

In this study, we are interested in understanding how children (5-6 years of age) might best learn words in a second language. In order to investigate this question, we use a brain imaging method called “functional near-infrared spectroscopy,” or fNIRS. fNIRS is a SAFE way to measure brain activity- it allows us to see in real time how the brain works while the child is playing language games. Participation involves a single visit to the university for about an hour and a half.

To participate or to learn more about our lab, please email: or call us at: 734-764-3328.