Language ENvironment Analysis (LENA) technology includes recording technology as well as secure online tools to measure talk with children 2 months to 48 months old.

CHGD provides access to the LENA online system and houses 2 recording devices and 26 shirts that can be checked out by faculty members who are doing research related to the CHGD mission.

What is LENA SP?
(as stated in the LENA SP Flier)
LENA SP provides a complete picture of a child’s audio environment, for researchers, speech-language pathologists, DHH workers, and others who need detailed, scientifically reliable speech-language measurements of children 2–48 months old. LENA recording technology captures a full day of language at a time, while the software system automatically analyzes and segments audio data. Flexible uploading and processing via a secure cloud-based service simplifies logistics of working with multiple children and sites and provides secure access from anywhere, 24/7. Data include validated percentile data on adult words, conversational turns (serve-and-return interactions), and child vocalizations. Audio recording may be retained at user option (in this version of LENA only), so professionals working under confidentiality requirements or informed consent agreements can perform more granular analysis where necessary.

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