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Letters of Support

Letters of support from CHGD can be provided for you to include with your grant proposal.

To get a letter of support:

  1. Download the letter of support template.
  2. Customize the template as needed for your proposal.
  3. Email the completed letter to Please include the name and email address of the person who should receive the completed letter, as well as the deadline by when it is needed.

Encrypted Digital Voice Recorders

CHGD now owns three Digital Voice Recorders (DVRs) that support encryption in order to protect sensitive information, including Protected Health Information. These devices can be checked out for use by CHGD members and their research teams for studies that require audio recording, such as interviews and focus groups. These devices comply with the University’s data security policies. For more information on these policies please visit: UMHS Policy 01-04-502, Security of Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Media as well as SPG 601.27 (encryption standard).

To check out an encrypted DVR, please fill out this form: